About Us

Pronto Installation delivers and installs fitness equipment. That’s it!

training_staffOf course, as simple as it sounds, it takes efficient organization, state-of-the-art communication technology, and expert training to bring high-quality equipment into commercial fitness centers as well as people’s homes from San Diego to Bakersfield.

Pronto Installation is known as Southern California’s premier fitness equipment delivery and installation company because we are guided by three basic principles: offer honest communication; provide service with superb time efficiency; and perform with the utmost professionalism. That is why  “Our Reputation Is ROCK SOLID!”

Honest Communication

We promise NEVER to overstate anything! You will always be informed of every detail of your delivery and installation. And, on the rare occasion when an unexpected circumstance arises that may affect your project, we will contact you immediately! You will NEVER wonder about your delivery and installation!

On time, Every time

Pronto Installation does everything in its power to insure your gym equipment is delivered and installed on time. All orders are checked — AND DOUBLE-CHECKED — before any gym equipment is even loaded onto one of our delivery trucks. We maintain a “problem-free” fleet of delivery trucks through weekly maintenance and by never keeping a truck longer than two years. And all deliveries are tracked using state-of-the-art GPS technology so we know exactly where your order is every minute!

Professional Installation

Because Pronto Installation specializes in the delivery and installation of gym equipment, our staff is continuously educated and trained by each gym equipment manufacturer to assure thorough knowledge of installation, safety and equipment usage. Once installed, we “test run” your fitness equipment to assure it is operating at peak performance. Then, once your gym equipment is tested, we can actually show you HOW to use your equipment immediately!

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